Kent Island Defense League

Our Mission:

To Defend and Preserve the Quality of Life on Kent Island
Kent Island, comprising the unincorporated towns of Chester and Stevensville, is the home of approximately 40% of Queen Anne County's population yet has no specific voice, impact or ability to control 
the destiny of 
Kent Island.
Our mission is to strive to be this voice, using the standards set forth in the 2010 QAC Comprehensive Plan and the current Community Plans, we will work to defend and preserve the environment, the agriculture and the quality of life. We will work to achieve responsible growth, to find ways to maintain growth at a sustainable level, to educate citizens regarding the issues and to make sure our elected and appointed officials hear the voices of their constituents and are held accountable for the actions they take as the representatives of the PEOPLE.
We are 40% of the County population with no one to represent us.  

KIDL PAC Frank Frohn Treasurer
Hurricane Irene over flows the sewerage treatment plant on the Eastern Shore allowing untreated sewerage to flow into the riber then the Bay for days.