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Kent Island 
Defense League PAC

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 Joining will allow you to be the first to know about decisions that will affect your quality of life, property values, quality of your schools and help you make the best decisions when you go to the polls in just a few months (June 2014 is the primary) and allow you to know who to support.  

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Our Mission:

To Defend and Preserve the Quality of Life on Kent Island
Kent Island, comprising the unincorporated towns of Chester and Stevensville, is the home of approximately 40% of Queen Anne County's population yet has no specific voice, impact or ability to control 
the destiny of 
Kent Island.
Our mission is to strive to be this voice, using the standards set forth in the 2010 QAC Comprehensive Plan and the current Community Plans, we will work to defend and preserve the environment, the agriculture and the quality of life. We will work to achieve responsible growth, to find ways to maintain growth at a sustainable level, to educate citizens regarding the issues and to make sure our elected and appointed officials hear the voices of their constituents and are held accountable for the actions they take as the representatives of the PEOPLE.

The KIDL is Back 
Short videos- Why we keep trying? Our neighbors count on us.  
We are 40% of the County population with no one to represent us.  

We have registered with the MD Board of Elections which requires any person or organization who raises and expends money to promote candidates or issues to disclose the source and destination for these funds.
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